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Introduction Clash Of Kings (CoK)

Clash Of Kings – Last Empires, is a new RTS RPG multiplayer war game, this game set on medieval age and you can lead the empire to beat the enemy. This game can play with your friend, or you can challange anothers enemy from over the world. Offers next level game play, unseen in any other SLG games. Conquer kingdoms and villages in Clash of Kings. This game available on Android and iOS, you can play it on both of the device. If you like the strategy game with PvP system you must download this game on your phone. Clash Of Kings is strategy RPG game, on this game you must build your empire from zero become a hero, on the first time you installed this game on your phone, you have to follow the tutorial, because this is important to make sure you get VIP feature, on VIP feature you don’t have to wait to build some building and of course this not reduce your gold. You should follow the tutorial step by step to get more rewards and get more level, because every step you follow more resources you get.


The Benefit To Use Clash Of Kings Hack

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How To Use Clash Of Kings Hack Tools

Tutorial for Clash Of Kings Hack Gold

  1. Go to the download link on this site
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Clash Of Kings Cheats Features

All Platform

Generate Food, Wood, Iron, Mithril and Gold from All Device (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)

Online System

Our generator can be used without download, meaning you are 100% safe and protected thanks to our online web platform system.

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How To Play Clash Of Kings

Clash of Kings is very simple game play, you just have to build your empire from zero to more stronger, more power, more resources, more military, more defense, more anything you need on this game. Every time you leveled up you can build up your empire, but this is “strategy game”, you must remembered this keyword, because on every step your empire done to build up, your building can affect to your strength or power. so, be careful when you chose what building you want to build. I don’t know how many level on this game can we reach, but i just got a higher level by month just with a single step, and this is a great thing which i want to share to you. Gain your resources is the best way to keep you can build up your empire, to build up your empire or your another building like a defences, baracks, stable, tower or wall you need the two of resources, food and wood, you need to keep this thing still enough to build your empire.  Build sawmill to get wood, and build farm to get food, both of them is to reproduce your resources, you must upgrade both of them on every step, because the resources is important like we explain before.

Gain your defense to keep your empire safe, on the first level so many enemy want to attack your empire because your defense is weak. So upgrade the wall to higher level, and keep the shield or barier still on, don’t attack another enemy to keep your shield not break. Every time you attack the enemy and you win, your shield became off, and every time you attack and you lose, your shield is activated. This thing is to make your resources can raise up again when you lose. Join the clans can make you get more gold, because when you join the clans your exp point will raise up than before, and you can get more reward like vip card, or the items to make your resources full of wood and food. To get more stornger you can use the equipment tool on the up left side, and you will see your profile now. Use the equipment can make you have more power, more defense to your empire. You can collect the equipment from the rewards box when you beat your enemy.

Clash Of Kings Features

Build your city and prepare for battle

– You never know when you get attacked from another player. Build your city and make your army stronger, and make your defense become unbeatable in battle. Upgrade your empire, fortress, baracks, hospital, farm, sawmill and more to defense your empire in multiplayer game and sudden PVE enemy attacks.

Multiplayer PVP system and war for online

– You’re not alone, on clash of kings you will play with another player from another country. You can battle with million people on this game. Play PVP online with another player in the best real time strategy MMO game.  Prevent a siege by building up your town. Send your strongest army and take over the city and steal the resources and gold from your enemy.

MMO Universe with massive online battles

– Enter an amazing world online whare empire battle for control of PVP world, adn PVE enemies attack with no notice. Tactical MMORPG game play has you build your empire, customizing your army and make them strong and build a farm and sawmill to get the resources. Role play your own way in this online multiplayer pvp battle game.

Build Stronger Clans with other players

– Build clans with other lords from another empire and lead around the world. Clash Of Kings – Last Empire is online RTS MMO RPG that designed as you as the army’s leader. Join or make a clans to help yourself and others to win the battles. Join like-minded army leaders and help each other to build the empire, upgrade buildings or battle enemy armies. In this real time strategy game, your clans can make or break you.

Real Time Strategy and Resources Management

– A strong army needs its food and housing. Build farms and sawmills to gain your resources to make your empire and army more strength and power. Earn coins from evey quest or mission you have finished and resources from every harvest. Build defense for your empire with all of your resources.

Amazing 3D MMO Battles

– Guide your army across a massive online multiplayer world rendered in gorgeous 3D graphics. Watch each battle spring to life as your defenses clash with enemy armies, and each sword swing and arrow shot light up the battlefield

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